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Snark Health is the next generation of healthcare built around the Doctor-Patient relationship. We help patients improve their access to healthcare and lower their cost of care. We help doctors make more money. We do this through “data as a common resource” using blockchain technology and a trusted payment network, without the need for governmental or commercial healthcare insurance.


The purpose of the Ambassador program is to:
1. Recruit and onboard patients, doctors and clinical officers
2. Identify and register places in the community where people receive care
3. Create Virtual Health Communities (VHC)
4. Provide education
5. Collect data
Snark Health is interested in working with organizations that share our vision to improve access to healthcare for patients and lower the cost of care for patients.
How you can earn money:
There are three ways you can earn money as an Ambassador.
1. Commissions:
2. Grants:
3. Virtual Health Communities:
What is a Virtual Health Community?
A Virtual Health Community is a group of people (doctors, clinical officers, nurses, community health workers, patients, operations, finance, etc.) that help coordinate and improve the health of their members. The mission of the Virtual Health Community is to promote patient empowerment and self-management, leverage data to improve quality and cost outcomes and foster a sense of community. Key features of the Virtual Health Community include health education, social support, opportunity to participate in research, discussion forums and access to quality and affordable health care.

Why Join? Benefits


You have the opportunity to impact people’s health and wellbeing.

Opportunity to disrupt health

You are part of a new venture that has never been built. It's a new venture that is providing an alternative form of healthcare delivery

Learn from other peers

Since we are building something that hasn’t been done before, you will gain experience and learn valuable lessons on this journey as you work & interact with other ambassadors

Creative Ideas

Be part of or lead creative ideas brainstorming sessions

Earn money

An opportunity to earn money from dividends.

what does it take? eligibility

A. Be a leader of a registered organization with an interest in health 100%

B. Commitment to privacy 100%

C. No criminal record 100%

apply today application process

  1. Complete online application
  2. If invited to an interview, you will receive details on how to schedule an interview using If the interview is virtual, it will be conducted via Zoom.
  3. Interview (face to face or virtual)
  4. If accepted as an Ambassador, sign “Ambassador Contract” and then set up a meeting to plan the next steps.